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Table thingy outlining the appropriate places for use at different stages of the workflow for both design and resolution of issues.

Stage 1.

Informally bounce ideas off people to see if they are worth bringing to the attention of the entire community
(purely optional)

Stage 2.

Put things up for discussion

Stage 3.

Documenting outcomes
(When a solution has been found or discussion has slowed down/stalled and is unlikely to resume in the near future)

IRC - the most feedback. Engine room of opensource projects and used for collaboration exlusively by a lot of contributors. Issue tracker - is focused enough to allow immediate solution. Workflow ends here. Wiki for Docs.
Forums Forums, IRC Multiple issues in Issue tracker - focused and implementable tasks

The different media for communication are there for a reason. For instance, discussion on the IRC cannot be regarded as official, as it's not used as a medium of collaboration by all - some contributors are available only through Github or forum for collaboration and new contributors only observe Github or the Wiki. Similarly it is not appropriate to discuss aspects of project management/policy or non-relevant topics in a focused Github Issue or on a Pull Request - it is not visible to the critical audience, it disturbs the process of reviewing a Pull Request or discussing the present issue, and it makes things hard to find later.

If a new Policy or Design issue arises during a Pull Request,Issue, or Discussion please follow the stages above:)