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To Create a new page: type the URL of the page you would like to create e.g. . You will then be taken to an empty page. Click the "edit this page" link and write in the edit box and save. Keep in mind there is a preview button and remember that content can be changed as often as you like. Headings, italicisation and other effects are achieved simply by placing special characters around text e.g. use two apostrophes on either side to italicise. There is a short tutorial on the basics here and a comprehensive list of wiki formatting here.

This is your Pioneer wiki, and not Wikipedia!

Be free with using talk pages to organise and collaborate.

Things this wiki might potentially be used for:

  • Tutorials, FAQs, detailed proposals of ideas, summaries of discussions, screenshots/pioneer video links, lists of useful resources by topic (coding, creative stimulus), personal pages containing notes/to-do lists and other material related to pioneer, task status pages for focus groups in relation to translating, mod packaging etc., introductory briefings for new contributors by area. In addition to the usual project documentation.

Sandbox page for playing around with editing.


Youtube - simple wiki editing tutorial

Youtube - tutorial showing how simple it is to create a table or chart