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Communication with the developers is a great step to becoming a developer yourself.

There are several ways to communicate with people who are involved in Pioneer.
For communication there are some general guidelines.


The IRC channel #pioneer on is where the core team hangs out during day/evening (time zone CET) and is a fast mean of communication. Chat is faster than a forum but it doesn't allow long messages and pictures.
More about IRC can be found here.

Channel flooding

Channel flooding means the flooding of the channel with messages. This can be spam or repeated requests. If no one answers to your request, just wait a bit. If no one answers in the next half hour you can repeat your request. Please don't do drive by posting, answers will take time if posted in the middle of the night when the devs are counting sheeps.


In addition to this there are also the rules of netiquette (Net+Etiquette). This means that you should always be nice to others. Always remember:

  • Manners don't cost anything.
  • The people who work on pioneer aren't payed for this, they are volunteers. So don't expect them to do everything you want them to do.

GitHub Issues

GitHub Issue tracker is where we track bugs. Please don't open feature requests here, as it will clutter up what we need to address. Feature requests are best posted on IRC (timezone CET) or the development forum. More Information about GitHub can be found here.

Development forums

For vetting of things, brainstorming, dicussion, feature requests, notes and proposals we use the development forum.