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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. We use it for real-time internet text messaging related to the project.

All the engaged people from the community and the dev team can be found there, and are usually quick to answer during European day/evening time.


As of 2021-05-26, Pioneer has moved to the IRC network, which can be connected to at, port 6667 (6697 for SSL).

We use the following channel:

-This is the only and official pioneer channel

Getting started

In the above mentioned link you can find basics of using IRC, including registration of your nickname on IRC channel.


Easiest if you're new to IRC, is to just click here (or use libera's own kiwi IRC here) which will open a webchat instance to the #pioneer channel in your browser (type message at bottom, where text indicates).


If you plan to use IRC frequently, you are adviced to download a real IRC client program. There are many options, but some popular programs are:

  • Leafchat (multiplatform, GUI)
  • irssi (popular, terminal based)
  • X-Chat (free on Linux only, almost always available in distribution repositories)
  • HexChat (fork of X-Chat, free on Windows and Linux, not always available in distribution repositories)
  • WeeChat (multiplatform)

Channel Info

The channel has a bot, in cmd_jameson, to which one can leave messages to users who are currently not logged in. A number of users are in the channel 24/7 and check the backlog daily. Usually, the channel is quiet during CET night.

IRC Backlog / Bouncer

It is possible to get channel backlog for when not logged in by using an IRC Bouncer that is logged into the channel as your user, and then you connect to this service, rather than directly to the IRC network ( It will then replay the channel history since your last visit. There are several znc providers one can use. The pioneer development team is currently running one for anyone active in the channel discussions and/or in the game development, just ask devs in IRC if you are interested in an account. Once one has been made, follow instructions here.

No Freenode?

Pioneer's IRC channel was on the freenode network at least from 2013-2021. However, in May of 2021, there was a hostile take over of the freenode network, and we joined the original freenode staff, and most other channels, in moving to its spiritual successor: For more info, please see: