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local s = CustomSystem:new(‘Sol’, { ‘STAR_G’ }) :govtype(‘EARTHDEMOC’)

short_desc(‘The birthplace of humankind. Solar Federation Capital’)
long_desc([[The first of the ‘old’ worlds, Sol has an equivalent amount of history. World wars, disaspora and Corporate leadership have shaped this system. Although Earth is still the most populated planet in human space, it has lost its beauty and few outdoor cities remain. Sol in the capital of the Solar Federation but provides little value beyond its administrative and historical value. There are a few ore processing plants still active in the outer system and Privateers regularly scoop Jupiter for hydrogen, but there is no manufacturing base. The government and tourism are the main employers in Sol as most humans consider a pilgrimage to Sol as part of their birthright. Earth’s energy needs are provided through solar collectors near Mercury orbit and magma riders on IO and hydroponics on the moon provide a staple, if boring, food source.]])

Epsilon Eridani

local s = CustomSystem:new(‘Epsilon Eridani’, { ‘STAR_K’ }) :govtype(‘CISLIBDEM’)  :short_desc(‘Capital of the Confederation. First off-earth colony. Industrial world with indigenous life.’)

long_desc([[Epsilon Eridani was the first star system beyond Sol to be colonised by humanity. The New Hope colony on the life-bearing planet of the same name was founded in 2279. Mass emigration from Earth in the 27th century drove a population explosion and today Epsilon Eridani counts itself among the most populous of inhabited systems. Epsilon Eridani declared its freedom against the Solar Federation in 2714 but the coup lasted nine months before Earth restored its power with force. Freedom was again declared two centuries later. Through numerous hard fought battles this freedom was secured and the Confederation of Independent Worlds was born, of which Epsilon Eridani was a founding member. Today, Epsilon Eridani a thriving centre of industry, cutting-edge technology and tourism.]])


Inlocal s = CustomSystem:new(‘Arcturus’, { ‘STARGIANT’ }) :govtype(‘’)  :short_desc(’Stage 2 Colony. Outdoor world with introduced life.’) :long_desc([[The settlement of New Australia was settled in 2726 by a group of australian environmentalists wishing to preserve their native fauna. The effects of the red starlight was detrimental to all introduced life except the Platypus which prospered and evolved in its new environment. Arcturian platypus is an expensive delicary served across the galaxy and the majority of the planets waterways are now dedicated to their farming. There is a small manufacturing base for farming machinery but little other industry in this system. ]])