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Starting the Model Viewer


Create a shortcut to pioneer.exe. Edit shortcut properties, and add " -mv" to the end of the Target box, so that the whole Target is something like:

   C:\Users\jpab\pioneer\Pioneer.exe -mv

Then you can run the model viewer by using the shortcut.

Or use the command line (like Linux)


Hold down the Option key while clicking on the icon to launch the model viewer instead of the game.

Or use the command line (like Linux)


Pass the "-mv" flag when running the game:

   pioneer -mv <optional model name>


Esc: Quit

Tab: Toggle UI

PrintScr: Screenshot

Space: Reset camera view + thruster sliders

G: Cycle grid mode

R: Randomize colour sliders

T: Show tags. (Blue: Z - looking direction, relative out, Red: X - relative left, Green: Y - realtive up)

Z: Toggle wireframe mode

P: Toggle landing pad/scale test

F: Toggle first person controls. (Press again to reset)

  • Use mouse to yaw and pitch
  • Hold right mouse to roll
  • WASDQE: moving around, hold shift to go faster.

First person look starts from the current position of the camera, you can zoom closer to stations for example, to avoid flying trough several km slowly.

Camera view presets are like Blender:

  • Numpad 1 - Front view
  • Ctrl+Numpad - Rear view
  • Numpad 3 - Right view
  • Ctrl+Numpad 3 - Left view
  • Numpad 7 - Top view
  • Ctrl+Numpad 7 - Bottom view
  • Numpad2/4/6/8: Rotate view