OKB Kaluri

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OKB Kaluri
File:OKB Kaluri logo.png
General Information
Company Slogan Sail to the furthest sea.
Foundation 9th of January 2719
Headquarters Epsilon Eridani, N/A, N/A
Faction CIW
Employees 197 000
Ships built
Ships built Mola Mola, Pumpkinseed, Bowfin fighter, Bluenose



OKB Kaluri is a major CIW shipyard famous for it's dependable vessels. A typical Kaluri has robust but flowing, somewhat aerodynamic round form even if it's not atmosphere capable craft. They usually seem a bit low-tech, and they confirm that with equally spartan instrumentation and interior. But this modesty comes from a craft which is easy to maintain and would last for several decades in caring hands. They are direct competitors of the Mandarava-Csepel Shipworks from the Solar Federation. The name OKB means Experimental Design Bureau, Kaluri is for fisherman as the founder Rebane came from a family of fishers.


OKB Kaluri was a minor shipyard barely getting by during the Solar Federation occupation of Epsilon Eridani. Kaluri Shipyard was founded by Koidu Rebane as a way of passive resistance to the puppet government of the Federation. At first it mainly refitted ships for smuggling and illegal migration under Federation radar, but grew fairly fast before the first strikes of the war. At the wake of the War for Hope it already had a prototype strike ship partially reverse-engineered from several captured Federatation vehicles. As the war gained momentum, it merged with other minor yards to become the research bureau OKB Kaluri.

It's main task was combat vessel development during the war. It suffered heavily from sabotage and assaults, and barely survived the war. Rebane herself died a few month before the end of the war, but her children managed to maintain business by repairing anything that came by.

After years of lobbying and hard work they managed to win a tender to build a ship that's capable of cleaning up the thick layers of debris of war orbiting the Confederation worlds. That ship, called Plecostomus was a so successful design, it propelled business forward and established their main production philosophy of preferring dependability over high performance.

Currently they maintain a good business relationship with both the CIW Government and People's Freedom Militia.

Ships in service

Other products and services

Apart from ship manufacturing, they maintain one of the largest Research and Development branch, mostly focusing on safety and dependability.

They also provide maintenance and repair services for the Militia and government and civilians too.