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One of the largest and most influential ship maunfacturer in CIW space, with a long history rooting in the resistance movement against the SolFed occupation. Their crafts tend to be somewhat mediocre regarding to performance, but they are rugged and dependable.

They are direct competitors to SolFed's Mandarava-Csepel Shipworks. This rivalry started far in the past, and it was quite heated at times. In recent times it's more like they are doing it for sports. Corporate espionage is quite commonplace among them because of this, and it's definitely done like if it was a sport competition of who can rip of the other more blatantly.

General Style

Kaluri ships have flowing curvy form, which is sometimes braked abruptly.

Canopies have generous visibility. Specifically combats ships hide away the cockpit in the inside of the ship, and have extensive sensor setups where one would place the cockpit.

Heat-sink are placed on fins around the engines.

Engines have bell nozzles, kinda like old rockets had. On some ships they are exposed, but on others they are sinked into the hull, in a similar way Mandarava-Csepel does it. Their ships typically have wheeled undercarriage.

OKB Kaluri Ship names

Ship Briefs

Shortnose Bulk Freighter


A medium sized bulk transport ship with puller configuration. Rugged, time-proven ad popular design, which sees updates regularly. A popular model with decent deltaV to it's capacity. The small spinning section limits it's usefulness for longer duration passenger transporting, where continuous thrust cannot be maintained. It has two attachment points whic can house Mudskipper shuttles or Sterlet light tugs. This provides a good amount of self-sustainability for the craft.


  • The cockpit on the sketch is a bit over-sized, it should be smaller.
  • Heat-sinks should be iterated with a fin-ed version also. (there could even be two versions)
  • Engines angled slightly outwards (1°-2°)
  • The nose section is a bit taller then the Malabar (sans spinning section)
  • The spinning section is pivoted, it folds to the hull if the ship is under acceleration.
  • Mudskipper/Sterlet attachment points on the sides.

Longnose Bulk Freighter


Note: already in the works. The larger sister of the aptly named Shortnose Freighter with quite larger capacity. It has two counter-rotating ringed spin sections which enables it to transport a good number of passengers in relative comfort.

It's acceleration is lower than what the Shortnose can provide It's deltaV isn't that good either, even with the ample propellant storages it sports. A more recent design, partially based on the experience gathered during the development of the Shortnose.


  • Engines angled outward.
  • Four capsule-shaped propellant tanks among the engine nacelles.
  • Cargo rig diameter is about double of the Shortnose's
  • Cargo rig length is about three times of the Shortnose's
  • Mudskipper/Sterlet attachment points on the sides.
  • The spinning section just stops when the ship is under acceleration. It's internal layout is designed with this in mind.

Bowfin Medium Fighter

[[Concept art]] Note: already in the works. A more recent attack craft. Relatively heavy, sturdy and nicely maneuverable. Can pack a heavy punch. Not too long range with it's default military version, but civilian versions are usually retrofitted for longer trips, with a tradeoff in acceleration and armor. Original military version has it's cockpit hidden away the hull, but the civilan version has a traditional cockpit on top, which provides a bit of living space for the pilot on longer trips.

  • Medium combat craft, civilian version.
  • Six main engines clustered tight (not pictured). Four quite strong retro engines.
  • Ample amount of missile launch tubes near the retro thrusters.
  • Two fixed guns on the side/nose area (only holes), and one turreted light cannon on the nose. The later has very wide coverage.
  • Turreted sensor dome on the nose.