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Intended for Pioneer general wiki info/guidelines.
For discussions see the community portal talk page.

Pioneer wiki generals

Short list of available features and other stuff on the Pioneer wiki.

Ships, Companies and related images:

Note: The relate image files for ships and companies are currently set to the following defaults:

  • Ship outline shape: "PAGENAME" + "_silhouette.png"
  • In game preview of the ship: "PAGENAME" + "_preview.png"
  • Company logo: "PAGENAME" + "_logo.png"
    • Png image types preferred. (extension in lower case)

(A newly added ship or company will show the correct image file names. Clicking them will take you to the correct upload page.)

Page tagging:

  • Work in progress: {{wip}}. For tagging a page as a work in progress. See: category:Work in progress for a list of all Wip pages.
  • Outdated: {{outdated}}. For tagging a page as outdated. See: category:outdated for a list of all outdated pages. (intermediate state between WIP(active update attempt), Archived or Delete.)
  • Archived: {{Archived}}. General historical information page. See: category:archived for a list of all archived pages.

Admin stuff: (Some things can't be done by normal wiki user. For which we have...)

  • Delete: {{Delete|short reason}}. Adds a delete notification box to the page, and adds the page to the Candidates for deletion category. (The actual delete might take some time, so don't expect them to be deleted over night.)
  • Move/Rename page request: PioneerWiki:Move_requests. Generally needed when a the target page already exists. (might also take some time.)