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Please note, this is work in progress, feel free to fill in the blanks.



Hyperdrives are required in order to open worm holes, thus travel between star systems.

Their range depends on drive class and ship mass (including cargo).

Travel time and fuel consumption for a given destination are displayed in the sector map screen.

Standard Drives

Standard hyperdrives run on hydrogen.

Class Mass Price
1 2 700
2 6 1,300
3 11 2,500
4 25 5,000
5 60 10,000
6 130 20,000
7 245 30,000
8 360 60,000
9 540 120,000

Military Drives

Military drives are smaller than standard drives, but require military fuel. The drive converts the fuel to radioactive waste.

Class Mass Price
1 1 23,000
2 3 47,000
3 5 85,000
4 13 214,000


Equipment that can be bought and fitted to ship. Please help fill in the missing data.




If a weapon is fitted to the front mount, the second purchase will mount it in the rear position, if available.

Pulse Cannons

Rapidly firing cannons to repel attacks and protect the ship.

Damage Recharge Mass Price
1MW Pulse Cannon 1000 0.25 1 600
1MW Dual Pulse Cannons 1,000 0.25 4 1,100
2MW Pulse Cannon 2,000 0.25 3 1,000
2MW Rapid Pulse Cannon 2,000 0.13 7 1,800
4MW Pulse Cannon 4,000 0.25 10 2,200
10MW Pulse Cannon 10,000 0.25 30 4,900
20MW Rapid Pulse Cannon 20,000 0.25 65 12,000

Beam Lasers

Powerful light beams that can be directed at enemy craft instantly. Watch out for overheating!

Damage Recharge Mass Price
1MW Beam Laser 1,500 0.25 3 2,400
1MW Dual-Fire Beam Laser 1,500 0.5 6 4,800
2MW Rapid-Fire Beam Laser 3,000 0.13 7 5,600

Plasma Accelerators

Devastating weapons that accelerates dangerous plasma particles towards a target.

Damage Recharge Mass Price
Small Plasma Accelerator 50,000 0.3 22 120,000
Large Plasma Accelerator 100,000 0.3 50 390,000

Mining Cannons

Mining Cannons are special pulse cannons that have been modified to tear apart mineral rich rocks.

Damage Recharge Mass Price
5MW Blast-Mining Cannon 5,000 1.5 6 3,700
17MW Blast-Mining Cannon 17,000 2 10 10,600


Missile unguided

price: 30

A simple rocket-powered projectile filled with explosives.

Missile guided

price: 50, mass 1

A missile that can track down moving targets.


Missile smart

price: 95, mass 1

An advanced and more powerful guided missile.


Missile naval

price: 160, mass 1

Very powerful guided missile.


You can buy new thrusters to increase the overall thrust of your ship, thus it's maneuverability. They replace the standard thrusters and don't need any additional cargo space. These thrusters do not change deltav, they just improve acceleration, so they don't really make long travels much faster.

Modified Thrusters

price: 3000, thrust increased by: 10 %

Better thrusters for your ship.

Optimised Thrusters

price: 6500, thrust increased by: 20 %

Even better thrusters.

Bespoke Thrusters

price: 14000, thrust increased by: 30 %

The best thrusters you can buy.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Any equipment that does not belong into any of the previous categories should be listed here.


Atmospheric shielding

price: 200

Allows ship to go much faster in an atmosphere without burning up, by protecting it from reentry heat.


Heavy Atmospheric shielding

price: 900

An improved atmospheric shield which provides the ship with more protection against reentry heat.


ECM basic

price: 6000

Electronic Counter Measures System. This system provides basic defense against missile weapons.


ECM advanced

price: 15200

A more sophisticated ECM that provides improved protection against missile weapons.




price: 680

3D radar projects space body positions relative to itself.

Passenger cabin

price: 1350

Provides space, comfort, entertainment, and life support systems for a single passenger.

Shield generator

price: 2500

Projects a protective screen around your ship, which can take a certain amount of damage before collapsing. It recharges slowly over time. You can mount several Shield Generator to increase its power.

Laser cooling booster

price: 380

Speeds up the cooling of cannons, so continuous firing can be maintained longer. (Maximum of 1)

Cargo life support

price: 700

Necessary to maintain living conditions in the cargo hold.


price: 1400

Computer system that can automatically control your ship. It can reach targets on its own, dock, or achieve orbit.



Target Scanner

price: 900

Gives information on a selected ship.


Advanced target scanner

price: 1200

Gives information on a selected ship, system wide coverage.

Fuel scoop

price: 3500

Allows scooping of hydrogen from the atmosphere of gas giants and stars. Hydrogen scoop for more information on usage. Can be used to replenish hyperdrive fuel and thruster propellant.

Cargo scoop

price: 3900

Allows scooping of raw ores and cargo canisters.

Multi scoop

price: 12000

Half cargo scoop, half fuel scoop. Less efficient than either, but more efficient equipment mass.

Hypercloud analyzer

price: 1500

Scans selected entry or exit hypercloud.



Shield energy booster

price: 10000

Allocates more power to the shield generator, allowing shields to recharge faster.


Hull autorepair

price: 16000

Automatic system that attempts to repair damaged hull using metal alloys

Trade analyzer

price: 400

To find out whether commodities are major or minor imports or exports in a system, you'd normally have to go there. The trade analyzer will provide you with this information over any distance. You will find it in the sector map, the system map and the system overview, right next to the same information about the pilot's current system. It will also state whether trading in a commodity from your current system to the other system can be considered a profitable trade or not.

Be aware that the trade computer fully ignores local demand for commodities, so a claimed successful trade might still result in disappointment.

Orbital scanner XKM-650

price: 7,500

A scanner that will make planetary scans from orbit, for executing cartography missions.

Orbital scanner XKM-1750

price: 11,000

An improved scanner that will make planetary scans from orbit, for executing cartography missions.

Surface scanner Nadir-150

price: 2,950

A scanner that will make planetary or lunar surface scans from low altitudes, for executing cartography missions.

Surface scanner Xeiss-250

price: 4,000

A scanner that will make planetary or lunar surface scans from low altitudes, for executing cartography missions.