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  • png format
  • Total ships assets should be no more than 10 MB
  • Pick dimensions that are powers of 2. 1024 x 1024 is a safe bet for average sized models
  • They do not have to be square, rectangles are fine
  • Set compression to maximum
  • Remove alpha channel if you aren't using it to speed up rendering
  • Disable interlacing
  • A texture should cover the whole model where possible, rather than using separate textures for each mesh. Except...
    • If you are using an alpha channel for transparency, make that part into a separate mesh and texture. See Transparency
  • Use separate textures for diffuse, specular and glow (only diffuse is mandatory)

Recommended free software

  • GIMP - raster drawing editor. Along the lines of Photoshop
  • Krita - an alternative raster drawer. Often recommended for its brush system.
  • Inkscape - vector drawing. If you want to draw geometric shapes, instead of freehand lines and paint smudges, you're looking for vector
  • LibreCAD - 2D technical drawing package, useful for quickly sketching outlines


  • See Licensing for discussion of which materials you can use
  • For simplicity, just pick anything available under CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC-BYv3, PD or CC0.

License compatible

Links to resources with textures which are license compatible for inclusion with the core game.

License incompatible

Textures that are still free to use, but are not suitable for inclusion with the core game.