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Coronatrix - Ship class Ship class light courier.png
File:Coronatrix silhouette.png

Manufacturer OPLI-Barnard Inc.
Ship statistics
Price 46,614.00 Cr
Hull Mass 18 t
Capacity 30 t
Cargo capacity 16 t
Crew min. 1 max. 1
Hyperdrive mount yes Default class: 2
Scoop mounts 2
Max cabins 1
Weapon mounts 1
Max missiles 10
Fuel tank capacity 23 t
Exhaust Velocity 12,600,000 km/s
deltaV empty: 10,372 km/s full: 4,933 km/s
Forward acceleration empty: 2.7 G full: 2.58 G
Reverse acceleration empty: 2.1 G full: 1.32 G
Up acceleration empty: 2.1 G full: 2.01 G
Down acceleration empty: 1.17 G full: 1.17 G
Lateral acceleration empty: 1.17 G full: 1.17 G
Angular acceleration empty: - full: -
Atmospheric characteristics
Atmo. shield mount yes
Atmo. pressure limit 3.2 atm
Lift coefficient 0.1
Aerodynamic stability 0.35
Frontal drag 0.27
Sideways drag 0.45
Top drag 0.96


Smaller and relatively faster sister of the Sinonatrix. It's a no-frills craft mainly for courier and small cargo tasks, but it often used as a police patrol craft in small outback systems. It has been manufactured with penal labor in one of the Barnard's star penitentiary's shipyard for about 150 years now. It received periodical minor design updates, but the chassis is practically the same. As with any OPLI-Barnard ships, the Coronatrix is easy to maintain, but it needs frequent maintenance. Upgrading and tuning is equally simple, but it's not really popular in tuner circles. It's crew compartment is equally simplistic, but it can be easily upgraded to be more comfortable.


It's main role is medium range intra-system shuttle and courier. With a hyperdrive upgrade it can be a decent mid-range courier especially if your finances are tight. It's tuning and upgrading capability makes it a popular racing craft. Most of the time it receives over-sized engines, larger heat sinks and a larger fuel tank at the expense of cargo and crew space. It's widely used in Solar Federation space, and it's popular in independent systems too, due to it's simpleness. It's not a common sight in CIW space. In fact OPLI-Barnard ships are disliked because they are produced with penal labor. It's a popular smugglers ship too.


The Coronatrix could prove to be a dependable and likable craft even in the hands of an inexperienced pilot, if taken care properly. It has a wide margin of error, so it's ideal starter craft. It's main drawback is it's mediocre performance and high maintenance need, but most of these jobs are easy to do even without a proper workshop. They don't get stolen too much.

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