OPLI-Barnard Inc.

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OPLI-Barnard Inc.
File:OPLI-Barnard Inc. logo.png
General Information
Company Slogan We work for a future
Foundation 9th of January 2590
Headquarters Barnard's Star, N/A, N/A
Faction SolFed
Employees 210 000
Ships built
Ships built Amphiesma, Natrix, Nerodia, Sinonatrix, Storeria, Xylophis


Ophiuchus Penal Labor Institute - Barnard Incorporated. A special branch of the Barnard Prison Colony that provides work opportunities for the inmates. The shipyard division provides the majority of jobs. The company was founded by the Solar Federation Government in 2683 after a series of massive prison revolts. The main goal is to provide meaningful way to spend their sentence, and it helps to maintain control over them. The skills and money the inmates acquire aids their re-socialization too.

The company expanded fast at the time of war against the newly formed CIW. Most of the expanded capacity was used extensively at the rebuilding of the damages of the war too and the company is at least 80% capacity nowdays. OPLI produced ships didn't saw much change at the coming centuries, as the main aim is to provide work for the inmates, and since with cheap labor, the pressure of competition is much lighter on them. Their ships are sufficiently low-tech and easy to maintain for this reason, and they are popular among companies and individuals on a budget. The build quality or performance is not very high, but the wide availability of donor parts and easy maintenance makes up for that. This is the reason they are widely flown even far from the Solar Federation.

The company is often mocked that it's name is realy OPLI-Barnard Incarcerated.

The logo shows a spaceship with the typical OPLI-Barnard shape escaping prison bars in front of the red dwarf.

Ships in service

Other products and services

OPLI-Barbard provides some maintenance work for civilians and the SolFed government, mostly for ships produced by the company, but they service all kinds of ships.