Kanara Interceptor

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Kanara Interceptor (Civilian version) - Light fighter Ship class light fighter.png

Manufacturer Mandarava-Csepel
Ship statistics
Price 26,409 Cr
Hull Mass 10 t
Capacity 8 t
Cargo capacity 8 t
Crew min. 1 max. 2
Hyperdrive mount yes Default class: 1
Scoop mounts 0
Max cabins 2
Weapon mounts 1
Max missiles 4
Fuel tank capacity 5 t
Exhaust Velocity 16,900 km/s
deltaV empty: 6,852 km/s full: 4,143 km/s
Forward acceleration empty: 3.95 G full: 3.1 G
Reverse acceleration empty: 2.5 G full: 2.65 G
Up acceleration empty: 2 G full: 1.32 G
Down acceleration empty: 1.02 G full: 0.88 G
Lateral acceleration empty: 1.02 G full: 0.88 G
Angular acceleration empty: - full: -
Atmospheric characteristics
Atmo. shield mount yes
Atmo. pressure limit 7 atm
Lift coefficient 0.3
Aerodynamic stability 1.8
Frontal drag 1.2
Sideways drag 1.1
Top drag 1.1


The Kanara is a two-engined, small combat spaceship with limited cargo space. It was developed in the 3160s for the Sol military and police to serve as a replacement for the older ships. The Kanara is fast and agile but has little room for cargo, shields or advanced weapons. Instead, a combat pilot must rely on agility, training, experience... and perhaps more lucrative forms of income than trade. Based on a best-of-breed dropship's hull design, with modifications for interstellar travel and prolonged combat, the Kanara is ideal for low-range combats in swarms. Unusual for a starship, it also has two Stellus engines on the back of the fuselage that make it suitable for eco-friendly travels in oxygen atmospheres.


Improvements and Changes

When it was built, the Kanara had some serious problems due to a strain miscalculation in the engine mountings that caused some accidents. One of them was later reffered to as the "Gates BBQ", when an engine hit the kitchen airlock of Gates Spaceport but didn't cause serious damage. In the next months all the Kanaras got new engine mountings, the same that are used until today.

Other uses

The Kanara is a formidable combat ship that is most often used by police or military forces. It is also often used by pirates beause of its reliability and ability to approach and avoid conflict.