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Mandarava-Csepel Shipworks
File:Mandarava-Csepel logo.png
General Information
Company Slogan N/A
Foundation 29th of May 2632
Headquarters Sol, N/A, N/A
Faction SolFed
Employees 270 000
Ships built
Ships built Kanara Interceptor, Malabar, Vatakara, Varada


One of the major ship manufacturers of the Solar Federation, in close relationship with the government. It's known for it's quality and sophisticated high performance vessels. They are direct competitors of the CIW's OKB Kaluri but they concentrate more on performance then dependability. Their vessels dimensions are more pronounced vertically and they are typically rounded with some abruptness.


Founded in 2632 with the fusion of two shipyard from Earth, the Mandarava Dynamics of India and the Central European Csepel Űrhajóművek. Both corporations came to life on the remnants Haber Corporation left on Earth. In the first time growth of both company was slow but steady, mostly relying on cheap local workforce, and were decentralized even after the fusion. The merge then gave the opportunity of gradually establish a more centralized and standardized corporation, which lead to an accelerated expansion and increase in overall quality. Slowly the corporation assimilated other shipyards around the globe and became one of the mayor spacecraft manufacturer in the Solar Federation. They produced a majority of ships used by the SolFed Navy during the Occupation of Epsilon Eridani and the War for Hope.

Currently they produce a wide selection of ships, for civilian, military and police use. One of their well known craft is the Kanara Interceptor, the standard fighter and interceptor vessel used by the SolFed Police Force.

Ships in service

Other products and services

Mandarava-Csepel is in a close relationship with the SolFed Government and a common contender in governmental, police and military tenders. It also participates in a lot of governmental research programs, and conducts it's own research too in a wide range of fields related to space travel. They maintain repair facilities throughout SolFed space, and subsidiaries in several independent system.