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Malabar - Medium passenger transport Ship class heavy passenger transport.png
File:Malabar silhouette.png

Manufacturer Mandarava-Csepel
Ship statistics
Price 2,219,852 Cr
Hull Mass 940 t
Capacity 2,600 t
Cargo capacity 1,600 t
Crew min. 1 max. 8
Hyperdrive mount yes Default class: 9
Scoop mounts 2
Max cabins 80
Weapon mounts 2
Max missiles 6
Fuel tank capacity 2,000 t
Exhaust Velocity 14,900 km/s
deltaV empty: 16,990 km/s full: 6,673 km/s
Forward acceleration empty: 1.8 G full: 2.2 G
Reverse acceleration empty: 1.5 G full: 1.19 G
Up acceleration empty: 2 G full: 0.6 G
Down acceleration empty: 1.24 G full: 0.49 G
Lateral acceleration empty: 1.24 G full: 0.49 G
Angular acceleration empty: - full: -
Atmospheric characteristics
Atmo. shield mount yes
Atmo. pressure limit 4.7 atm
Lift coefficient 0.12
Aerodynamic stability 0.65
Frontal drag 1.3
Sideways drag 1.21
Top drag 0.91


Malabar is the mainline mid-to-long range, medium passenger transport vessel from Mandarava-Csepel Shipworks. It has a sibling desing, a cargo freighter variant called Vatakara. An older model that saw continuous tweaking of it's design for decades. Mandarava-Csepel phased it out in 3140, but it's still in production under license in several independent shipyards throughout the galaxy. The factory model doesn't provide too much comfort for the passengers, but it's easy to refit for more luxury if needed. And Malabar is still a very popular model due to it's sturdiness, generous cargo hold and relatively good performance.


Usually it's used as a passenger transport, although with proper outfitting, it can be turned into a decent exploration or survey craft.