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A list of models that we have/want/need in the core game.


Type Purpose Status
Shuttle Small shuttlecraft for in-system trips, package deliveries, etc. Not hyperspace-capable. Done #2442 Xylophis, #2975 Varada
#3230 Lunar shuttle
Transport Ships built for transporting small cargo loads. Done #2355 Mola Mola, #2033 Natrix
Courier Ships built for courier jobs. Done #2352 Pumpkinseed, #2503 Sinonatrix, #2396 Amphiesma
Freighter Large hyperspace-capable cargo ship. Done #2023 Deep Space Miner, #2119 Deneb, #2388 Venturestar, #2505 Nerodia, #2599 Malabar, Vatakara, #3257 Storeria
WIP Mola Ramsayi, Bluenose, Long Range Tug
Fighter Small, fast short-range fighter, not hyperspace-capable. For use by police/pirates. Done #2441 Kanara (remodel),#2033 Wave
Bowfin Light Fighter
Bulk Enormous supply ships or passenger liners, for positioning near stations (and later convoys etc). Non-playable WIP Longnose transport (Kaluri)


Concepting phase. First step is to create typical prefabs and furnishing for each manufacturer.

Type Purpose Status
Default cockpit Fully encased cockpit with monitors as viewport. In progress #2679 Default Cockpit - update for headlook
OPLI Cockpits Cockpits matching OPLI-Barnard Inc. ship style.
Kaluri Cockpits Cockpits matching OKB Kaluri ship style.
MCS Cockpits Cockpits matching Mandarava-Csepel ship style.
Haber Cockpits Cockpits matching Haber Corporation ship style.
ALBR Cockpits Cockpits matching Albr Corp ship stlye.
Auronox Cockpits Cockpits matching Auronox Corporation ship style. Default Cockpit is made for the Wave


Surface and spacestations.

Type Purpose Status
Orbital Ring-type space station with internal docking space for four ships. #3099 Big Crappy remodel, phase 1
Surface Open-air surface station with siz 100x100m landing pads Done #2227, #2704 New Ground Station
Runway A runway for wheeled aerodynamic spacecraft TODO?


City building sets

Type Purpose Status
Vlastan set Modeled by Vlastan. Under remodeling. Done #518 Vlastan Buildings


Type Purpose Status
Cargo container A generic container, should be well visible Done #2101
Gun Ship weapon model, used for all types for now TODO
Missile launcher Weapon model attached to ships that carry missiles TODO
Missile Fired missile model, used for all types Done #2036